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Getting Packed

Much planning and preparing has been accomplished in these past weeks. Tickets have been bought, arrangements have been made, Visas have been applied for and bags are beginning to be packed!!! It still seems like a lot has to be done this next week but it is definitely all coming together!

So for those of you who are interested in more details of the trip, here is a basic outline:

On September 5, we will travel to Bangkok, and then onto Chonburi, Thailand, to work alongside Ricky and Karen Sanchez. While there we will be helping at an AIDS orphanage, getting to know the children there and relieving the regular nannies of some of their work. Although it’s not necessarily “nursing”, we are very excited to see their work and the impact they are having on the community there. Ricky and Karen have been working with Mennonite Brethren Missions and Services International (MBMSI) for a number of years. You can read about their various ministries by clicking here. We will also be visiting a bit with Andy and Carmen Owens, who have been serving with MBMSI in Thailand for about 10 years. You can read about their ministry here.

On September 16, we will leave Chonburi and fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh. We will then take a bus to Malumghat, a small town about 9 hours south of Dhaka. There, we will be volunteering at Memorial Christian Hospital (run by the Baptist church) for a period of 3 weeks. We will have the opportunity to see first-hand what working in an overseas hospital will be like as we work alongside the national nurses and doctors there. We’re pretty excited about it! To find out more about the hospital, click here.

On October 11, we will then fly into Calcutta, India, spending a few days volunteering with the Missionaries of Charity. This was an organization established under Mother Teresa in 1950, and its purpose is to take care of the dying, the sick, and all the in between. We are very excited about this stop! Not only will it be cool to see the place where Mother Teresa lived and ministered, but also to see the specific ways people are following Jesus’ call to truly reach out and minister to the poor and suffering.

After Calcutta, we will fly back to Thailand and spend our last few days traveling to some different places in the country that are said to be some of the most beautiful in the world! So after all of our travels, we should arrive home on the evening of October 20.

Please continue to pray for us! As we get closer to our departure date, this trip is feeling more and more real. We are asking ourselves questions such as “how will we communicate?” and “what if we get really sick?” There is definitely a lot to worry about and plan for, but pray that God would give us peace each and every day that this is what he wants us to be doing! Thanks again, family and friends, for your support!!


Trip Overview

So for those of you who do not know much about this trip…this is whats up. Becca Prieb and I (Katie Heisey), who just graduated from Bethel College,  were given the opportunity to serve for several weeks in Bangladesh. Through a relative of Becca’s, we were able to get in contact with a Christian hospital in Bangladesh, which is located next to India. They approved us for a 3 week observational visit in which we will have the opportunity to shadow the staff and help in whatever way possible.

The hospital is called Memorial Christian Hospital and in located in Malumghat, Bangladesh. Both Becca and I have an interest in long term missions as nurses so the goal of this trip is to get a better understanding of nursing in this type of setting. As new nursing graduates, we still have so much to learn about nursing in order to be effective, especially in an overseas setting. That is why we are keeping this initial trip short. We want to get a year or two of nursing experience in the states before we would commit to something overseas for the long term.

Because of the expense of travel, we wanted to extend our trip to more than just 3 weeks. Through other contacts, we arranged a visit to Thailand to volunteer in an AIDS orphanage for 1-2 weeks. Also, we will be visiting Calcutta, India to volunteer at the Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying for a few days. We will be leaving September 5th and will arrive back to the States on October 21st.

So this blog is here to keep you updated on the trip and also to ask for your prayers!! There are a lot of details to be work out and much planning to do. So here are some of our prayer requests:

– That details would fall into place and planning would go smoothly
– For travel safety
– That God would use us to our full capacity to serve those whom we will be coming in contact with
– That we would be able to raise the financial support necessary to make this trip possible

Thank you for your prayers. Becca and I thank God for this opportunity and for such a wonderful base of supporters!!!

Until next time, God Bless


This is Becca and Katie’s official blog for our upcoming trip to Bangladesh, Thailand and India. Thank you so much to our friends and family for supporting us in this adventure!!