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Some Pics! Hong Kong and Thailand


blood, babies, Bangladesh.

Hello! Well, Katie and I have been having a great time here in Bangladesh! These last 2 days we’ve been able to get in on some of the excitement of the hospital, so that has been nice! Today I was able to observe in the female ward, and Katie was with some of the medics, who assess people when they first come into the hospital. It was very interesting to see how things are run here! It’s definitely not like any sort of hospital in the States, so it’s been cool to learn the different ways that medicine is practiced here. It’s nice, too, because Katie and I can move easily from one area to the other depending on where the excitement is! Along with our regular assignments, we were both able to observe a spinal fusion surgery, and Katie got to see a c-section. Nice.

While we were in the operating room we somehow got on the topics of blood types, and they were saying there was a man coming into surgery with B type blood. So I mentioned that my blood type was B negative. “B Negative?” they said. “Can you give us your blood?” Apparently, B negative is very rare in Bangladesh, so they said that I should give some blood so that this man could have some during his surgery. They don’t have a blood bank here, so they just take blood from people as they need it! While giving the blood, they showed me the list of donors, and out of all the hundreds of donors not one person had B negative blood! So that was pretty crazy. It was really cool, because as soon as I gave it, half an hour I walked into the male ward and saw a man lying there, being infused with my blood. It made me feel like I had actually made a difference!

Other than that, we are just enjoying the little things about being here. The people here are super nice, and tonight the other missionaries here even invited Katie and I to a baby shower for one of the ladies here. We look forward to getting to know them better in these next couple of weeks!

Another interesting thing about being here is that the power doesn’t always work. It kinda goes in and out, and when it does, everything gets absolutely pitch black. You’d think that when this happens people would stop their conversations or that things would lull a bit, but no. People just keep right on going with their conversations, even though you can’t see anyone or anything! It’s interesting, and a little awkward, but we’re getting used to it. Katie had the great idea that when the power goes out, we should sneak out of the room and then scare people…or just be lying on the floor pretending like we’ve passed out or something for when the power comes on. We didn’t know if that would go over too well here, but maybe we’ll give it a try sometime. Okay, maybe not.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us, and supporting us, and writing comments on our blogs! We appreciate it very much! Please continue to pray for our health (which thankfully we haven’t had too big of problems with so far!), and that God would continue to use us to be His hands and feet to the people here in Bangladesh. We’ve been given such a great opportunity to be here, so we really want to make the most of it and learn about what God wants to do in the hearts of people here!

Thanks and have a super great day!!!!

We’re not in Thailand anymore…

Nope. We’re definitely not. We’ve finally made it to our next stop of our journey: Bangladesh! But first, we’ll update you on our last few days in Thailand…

The last couple of days in Thailand were bittersweet. We began making good relationship with the people, we finally were starting to breakthrough to some of the kids, and then…goodbye! It was so great to be there and to spend time with the people, but it was definitely sad to leave.

We didn’t have a lot of big activities in the last couple of days, but we got to spend some quality time with Ricky and Karen, some of the kids, and another couple there, Walter and Judy. We’ve decided that were we to spend more time in Thailand, Walter and Judy would be our honorary dad and mom. So thanks for making our time special!

Our time in Thailand was a humbling experience. Being only there for 10 days, it’s hard to really feel like you’ve accomplished much, and you just hope that you’re time there was one that was able to be a blessing to others. But God desires of us to be obedient in every aspect–even in the little ways we were able to help during our time there. We were so encouraged by the people we were able to meet and the stories of the children at the orphanage. It’s just amazing how God can take a life that to the world, is completely worthless, and turn it into something that is so beautiful. We’re really thankful for our time in Thailand and were blessed that everything went so well.

After Thailand, we made the long, long journey to Malumghat, Bangladesh. Let me just say, at points during our flights I for sure thought we were going to crash straight into the Indian Ocean. But praise the Lord, we are still alive. 🙂 Our first flight was to Kolkata (Calcutta), India, and then another flight from there to Dhaka, Bangladesh. We were a little nervous that SOMEthing during the journey would go awry, being in countries where we couldn’t understand the language, but we were blessed that everything went as smoothly as it did! Arriving in Bangladesh, there was a man from the hospital, Priyotam, who was there waiting for Katie and I, holding a placard with our names on it. We were SO relieved to see him!! We drove with him to our guesthouse in Dhaka, and spent the night there, enjoying some AC for the first time in a long time! We also got to know Priyotam a little better, and we taught him how to play Dutch Blitz, and he taught us some Bengali card games!

The next day, we made the treacherous bus-ride down to Malumghat. What was supposed to be an 8-9 hour trip ended up being almost 12. And let me tell you…this was not just your normal bus ride. The only thing I can rightly compare it to is that of a Mario Kart game. The whole time, you’re dodging people, animals, carts, and other oncoming traffic. Seriously, the whole bus ride is just swerving around the road, narrowing escaping head-on collisions. For instance, on just a small 2-lane highway, our bus driver would try to pass people even when there was traffic coming the other way. Pretend like you’re playing chicken with cars, and that was kinda what it was like. Most of the time we’d be driving on the wrong side of the road and the other traffic would be forced to drive off the road to get out of our way. Awesome. And not just this, but people LOVE to honk their horn in Bangladesh! It’s like their favorite thing to do! When passing cars, when passing people, when there’s no one around–all the time. So needless to say, it was a little difficult to sleep when the horn was blaring every 5 seconds. ON THE UPSIDE…the seats were very comfy (they even lounged!..and they were massage chairs!…but the massage part didn’t work), lots of leg room, free water, and nice people. We made frequent stops along the way, and Katie almost got left one of the times, but that’s beside the point. Katie wants me to add that I also almost got left…which is also beside the point. But thankfully good 0l’ Priyotam was there to save the day. Seriously, without him we never would have made it. He was like our little bodyguard, telling us to “sit here,” or “get on the bus now,” even buying us a bag of potato chips…what a nice guy.

So now we are here in Bangladesh, safe and sound in our little guesthouse  here at Malumghat. It is very nice here! In fact, it is beautiful. If you want a visual picture of what it’s like, you can think Jurassic Park style. Minus the dinosaurs. Sheesh, I need to wrap this up. It’s really great here though and we will definitely give you guys some pictures soon because it really is like a paradise jungle! We’ll also post some pictures of our new clothing ensembles! You can google shalwar kameez  to get a good idea of what we have to wear here. Let’s just say, we look good.

Tomorrow Katie and I get a tour of the hospital, and on Monday we start observing! Pumped! We’re both very excited to jump in and see what working in the hospital here is like, so we’ll write about that soon I’m sure!

Okay, sorry this post was so long, there was just a lot to update on! Hope you all are having a great day!

More Pictures!

Pictures from the zoo!

gooood times

Hello!! It’s been a few days, so we have a lot to update you on! But we’ll try to make it condensed, don’t worry.

We’ve been having a great time these past few days in Thailand. It’s crazy to think it’s already been a week since we’ve left! Time is going by so quickly.

Lately, we’ve been spending a lot of time with the kids from the orphanage. Katie and I are having tons of fun playing Dutch Blitz, basketball, and monkey in the middle! The boys here seem to like to play a lot of tricks on Katie and I! For example, whenever we ask them how to say different words in Thai, they’ll always tell us the wrong words. Then when we try to say them, all the kids will laugh at us since we’re saying the wrong thing. So far we’ve found one nice boy who will always tell us the truth when we ask him how to say things. And they can’t really remember how to say our names, so today Katie was known as “Buffalo” for the day. So as you can tell we’re having a great time!!! 🙂

Last night (Saturday night) we had our church service here at the Ang Sila Church. Karen, the lady who runs the orphanage, asked us to be in charge of Sunday school! She also asked Katie and I to prepare a couple of songs to lead in worship. I was able to play a bit on the keyboards and Katie sung along. It was good, except for we didn’t really know what we were doing. But thankfully the Lord allowed it to all run smoothly!

This morning we were able to go with the kids on a trip to the zoo! It was a lot of fun! We were able to feed the giraffes and elephants and pet them! We were going to see some more animals, but unfortunately it started raining and we had to go home. I had really wanted to pet a tiger, but it just didn’t work out. Maybe next time.

We’ve been learning a lot about the kids in the orphanage. It’s been so fascinating to hear their stories and to learn of what God has saved them from. It makes you realize how important it is that this orphanage is in place, and so thankful for the work that is going on here in Thailand. You can watch a video of one of the girls by going here: A lot of the kids also like to breakdance here! Karen has hired a breakdance teacher for the boys at the orphanage, and it has been a great way for them to build their confidence and is a great outlet that they have. You can watch a video of that here:

ALSO!!! Katie and I had our first Thai massage today!!! It was easily the best massage I’ve ever had. Here in Thailand massages are really cheap, so it was only 3 dollars for a 1-hour full body massage! It was definitely an experience. The people here made sure to tell us which massage places were the good ones, and which were the sketchy ones, so that was nice of them. The missionaries made sure we knew how to say “Jep!” meaning “It hurts!” before we went, but fortunately neither Katie nor I needed to use it. After the massage they sat us down and we had cups of tea with the women who worked there. It was great!! Katie and I want to go every day now!

Overall, our time here has been going great, and it’s hard to think that we leave in just 4 days! Please continue to pray for good health, and that God would continue to teach us how to love these people just as He loves us. We have been fortunate enough to see his love in so many new ways this week, and we know that this is just the beginning! Have a great Sunday!

so tired i can’t think of a good title.

Well, life here in Thailand is tough. Katie and I are sitting here, checking our e-mail in comfy reclining chairs, drinking 7-11 slurpees listening to Rihanna. Yup, life is tough.

No but really! Things here are going well. Yesterday and today we spent some time at the orphanage, run by Ricky and Karen Sanchez, and hung out with the kids there. It’s a little more sobering to think that all these kids have HIV, but they seem to have good spirits in spite of it. We’re excited to get to spend more time with them this week!!

Today Katie and I decided to walk down the street and try some of the local cuisine. We’ve been finding that the food here is pretty good! Today we saw some local street vendors making homemade chicken tenders, and those were very tasty! We also bought some bottles of coke, thinking that we would just drink them out of the bottles. Instead, the lady opened them up, poured them into plastic bags filled with ice, and stuck a straw in it. I guess that’s the way to drink things around here!

Katie and I seem to have become familiar to a lot of the local shops around here. For example, the girls at 7-11 always laugh when we walk in since we go there about 20 times a day. But it’s fun to make new friends, even if all we can say is “hi” and “thank you.”

We’ve also met a really awesome couple Walter and Judy! They’re Canadian, so that makes them even more awesome.  I think we might get together with them sometime this week to play some cards, or maybe even the Wii!! They were nice enough to treat us to dinner tonight, so that was great!

There has been a lot God has been teaching us in these past few days. We’ll share about that soon! For now, continue to pray that we would stay healthy, that we can build good relationships with the kids and with the community we live in, and that we would have teachable spirits. Thanks and have a great day!!!