blood, babies, Bangladesh.

Hello! Well, Katie and I have been having a great time here in Bangladesh! These last 2 days we’ve been able to get in on some of the excitement of the hospital, so that has been nice! Today I was able to observe in the female ward, and Katie was with some of the medics, who assess people when they first come into the hospital. It was very interesting to see how things are run here! It’s definitely not like any sort of hospital in the States, so it’s been cool to learn the different ways that medicine is practiced here. It’s nice, too, because Katie and I can move easily from one area to the other depending on where the excitement is! Along with our regular assignments, we were both able to observe a spinal fusion surgery, and Katie got to see a c-section. Nice.

While we were in the operating room we somehow got on the topics of blood types, and they were saying there was a man coming into surgery with B type blood. So I mentioned that my blood type was B negative. “B Negative?” they said. “Can you give us your blood?” Apparently, B negative is very rare in Bangladesh, so they said that I should give some blood so that this man could have some during his surgery. They don’t have a blood bank here, so they just take blood from people as they need it! While giving the blood, they showed me the list of donors, and out of all the hundreds of donors not one person had B negative blood! So that was pretty crazy. It was really cool, because as soon as I gave it, half an hour I walked into the male ward and saw a man lying there, being infused with my blood. It made me feel like I had actually made a difference!

Other than that, we are just enjoying the little things about being here. The people here are super nice, and tonight the other missionaries here even invited Katie and I to a baby shower for one of the ladies here. We look forward to getting to know them better in these next couple of weeks!

Another interesting thing about being here is that the power doesn’t always work. It kinda goes in and out, and when it does, everything gets absolutely pitch black. You’d think that when this happens people would stop their conversations or that things would lull a bit, but no. People just keep right on going with their conversations, even though you can’t see anyone or anything! It’s interesting, and a little awkward, but we’re getting used to it. Katie had the great idea that when the power goes out, we should sneak out of the room and then scare people…or just be lying on the floor pretending like we’ve passed out or something for when the power comes on. We didn’t know if that would go over too well here, but maybe we’ll give it a try sometime. Okay, maybe not.

Thanks to all of you who have been praying for us, and supporting us, and writing comments on our blogs! We appreciate it very much! Please continue to pray for our health (which thankfully we haven’t had too big of problems with so far!), and that God would continue to use us to be His hands and feet to the people here in Bangladesh. We’ve been given such a great opportunity to be here, so we really want to make the most of it and learn about what God wants to do in the hearts of people here!

Thanks and have a super great day!!!!


5 responses to “blood, babies, Bangladesh.

  1. Great update! I totally think you should pretend to “vanish” next time the power goes out! Haha!

  2. In the DR, when the power goes out (so, frequently), they say “se fue la luz” it’s funny. When we had first landed and were claiming our bags in Santiago, the airport power went out and out entire group screamed. It was awesome and I am sure everyone knew exactly where we were from ( :

  3. My dear Becca . . . . . I know that you are “uniquely” gifted in many areas, but never thought that it would be blood type! Pats on the back for your generous spirit! I looooove yoooou!!

  4. Katie and Becca, I’ve so enjoyed reading where God has taken you two! With so many thoughts running through my head about what is going to happen after senior year, it’s awesome to hear how God has taken you two where your hearts desired to be because you sought the kingdom first. Our God is so stinkin creative and awesome, and its cool how he displays his promises through people we know. I pray you two are well and delighting in all God is showing.


  5. Katie Friesen Photography >> Palos Heights, IL

    So cool you were able to donate blood to someone who needed it! Oh and I love the idea of passing out while the power goes out. lol. that’s amazing. glad you guys are having fun with the little differences in culture/countries.

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