Hello from India!

Hello everyone! Sorry we’ve been a bit sporadic in updating all of you these past few weeks. Internet hasn’t been the greatest!

Katie and I are now in Calcutta, India!!! We arrived Sunday night around 6:30, and we have been loving it so far. We were a bit sad to leave Bangladesh, as it was such a great country to visit and provided so many great experiences, but we were excited to keep moving! Calcutta is  such an interesting city, with so many things to experience and learn. We feel like we’re already on overload after only a day! We’re staying at a guesthouse that’s right down the road from the Missionaries of Charity–Mother Teresa’s organization where we plan on volunteering for the next couple of days.

This morning Katie and I ventured out and visited where Mother Teresa lived and her gravesight. It was pretty incredible. It’s hard to explain what it was like being there and seeing all of it, but it was definitely something neither of us will forget soon. They have a whole room with all of her belongings and writings, and it’s interesting to walk through and read her story of how she got to where she did. They also have all of her things on display, like her shoes, her pencils…they even had a piece of tubing labeled, “This is the piece of tube that went right into the lungs of Mother Teresa while she was sick.” I had to laugh to myself and think…did they really have to be that specific?? It was just really incredible to see how available she was to serve Jesus. Katie and I were left thinking about our own lives, and contemplating what it means to suffer for the cause of Christ, or to leave everything we have and follow Him. Sometimes it seems as though Americans (ourselves included) have such a skewed view of what this really means.

This afternoon we registered to volunteer for the next 2 days. So tomorrow we’ll head out to the home for the mentally and physically disabled children. We’re looking forward to seeing what this is like and to learn more about what people are doing to serve Jesus here. We’ll let you know how it goes!

Also, Katie and I are having a great time venturing around Calcutta! We have a lot of freedom here to go out and do whatever we want, so Katie and I spent the day today walking around, going into random shops, walking through different churches…And we’ve been having fun fending for ourselves and trying out different restaurants in the area. But don’t worry, we’re not drinking the water!

Well, we should probably get going now otherwise we will owe the computer people at the internet shop an extra 10 rupees. But thanks for keeping us in your prayers and we will try to update you soon on all that is happening!

Have a wonderful day!


One response to “Hello from India!

  1. oh katie (and friend)! i am so proud of you. you truly are doing what the Lord has called you to do. i can see that heart he put in you for people shinning through your adventures. love you lots.


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